Out with the old, in with the new…but why?

Recently the Shakopee video rental market has changed. Blockbuster near Cub Foods is closing down after YEARS of occupying the corner of the strip mall next to Super America off of Marschall and Vierling Dr. The odd part is there is a new video store opening just down the street on Marschall Rd where the old Snyders used to be accoss from the Wells Fargo building on 4th Ave.

I do ask myself why. In the new age when everything is being pushed toward streaming movies online I wonder what audience they are tyring to cater to, or if they will have some sort of “catch”. Personally if my wife and I want to go rent a movie now, we just hit up a Redbox located at the Holiday station near our home in Shakopee.

I’m not sure what the new store name is, or if they will have any other business attached, but it located near our Re/Max Advantage Plus office in the Voyager Bank building. They have been making many improvements lately so it will be interesting to see what happens in the near future.

I could see eventually see the Shakopee real estate market also changing similarly as many local real estate agencies are condensing and reducing space. Despite rumors I have heard about the Shakopee Coldwell Banker office and the Shakopee Edina Realty office potentially closing they ARE NOT.  The Edina Realty office in Shakopee, which I worked at for 9+ years,  located off of Vierling Dr is only reducing their space from over 8000 sqft to under 4000 sqft. I also had coffee last week with the manager at Coldwell Banker and he stated they have had a great year so far and condensed their square footage to one floor. Neither of these companies would close shop and move, but rather just realign themselves for the changes in our real estate marketplace. There simply are not the number of Shakopee Realtors anymore that there was years ago and I do see that as a good thing! I think the agents in the marketplace now are committed to the business and are more overall prepared to help their clients.