Why Active Shakopee Homes Are Sold

Do you wonder why homes in Shakopee that are sold show up on many real estate agents websites?

There can be many reasons a home in Shakopee can show up this way. A few reasons are homes are sold subject to an inspection, sold subject to another home selling, or the most likely reason in todays Shakopee real estate market, sold subject to third party approval. Shakopee realtors are able to still show these homes as active because technically they could accept another offer, although that offer would be subject to a cancellation of the first offer.

The first two reasons are pretty obvious as to why a home in Shakopee is sold, but the third can be a bit more complicated. Houses in Shakopee sold subject to third party approval are essentially a short sale. They are homes that need bank approval because the owners mortgages total more than the home is worth. Still this really does not answer the question. To answer the question, Shakopee bank owned homes are getting smarter,hold your laughter because we all know that entertains us a little, but they really are. Often times a real estate agent is pressured by the bank to keep the home marketed so the bank feels they truly did receive the highest price for the home.

If you feel a little lucky and think you may have found “The One” Shakopee home out there for you, feel free to submit a back up offer, sometime banks do reject all short sale offers and yours could be net in line.