Let’s Build The Vikings Stadium in Shakopee!

With the contracts of many key players expiring, and Brett Favre filing retirement papers, the Vikings have one of their most important contracts expiring, their home field at Mall of America Field.  Mall of America  Field deflated this winter as fast as the Vikings Playoffs hopes had, and many in Minnesota feared they might be moving to Los Angeles as stadium talks seem to be at a standstill. Four or five proposal have been reached, but I want them to come back to previous talks about building a Stadium on some prime Shakopee real estate!

 I have seen the North Stars leave the state and move to Dallas only to win the Stanley Cup shortly thereafter. All fans could do in the final season was protest and chirp up with our incessant, “Norm sucks” chat, belittling the former owner of the North Stars and showing our disdain. Furthermore the Minneapolis Lakers left town and went on to win many more NBA Championships. The North Stars were not located in the heart of Minneapolis, but in Bloomington.

We are amidst a looming state budget deficit over $1 billion and face many cuts and Minnesotans don’t want to talk about public subsidies toward a new stadium.  However like the North Stars and Minneapolis Lakers, Minnesota professional sports always return. The first step in a team returning is building a new stadium. The Vikings owners did announce they would be willing to pay one-third of the cost of an open-air stadium, but if the state wants a retractable roof for a multipurpose stadium, the cost would be on the state.

Building a new stadium could be an ideal answer in a slow economy to put thousands of unemployed construction workers to work for a few years. Other benefits would be local Shakopee businesses could see a surge in patronage and  Shakopee real estate could potentially see values increase. If the Vikings were to build in Shakopee, the Dean’s Lake Business Park could also see many more businesses relocate to the area.  With more business, Shakopee real estate taxes would be generated which would alleviate stress on the city budget.  Shakopee real estate foreclosures and short sales also plague the market and many of those bargains on homes in Shakopee could be snapped up by relocating workers.

 Like it or not, a new stadium will be built, and one proposal that has been proposed in the past and one I would strongly support would be a Racino at Canterbury Park in Shakopee.  Obviously as a Shakopee realtor and resident of Shakopee I think it  would be fun to see our area grow.

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