Shakopee Real Estate Agent Home Staging Advice

You can never makeanother first impression and when trying to sell you home in Shakopee, you must make your home shine. “Staging” a home refers to all the things you can do to make your home sparkle and show it’s best for potential buyers coming to look and possibly buy.  I as aShakopee real estate agent,  know through experience it is also related  to obtaining the highest possible sales price. Buyers purchase homes visually and want everything to be clean, minimalistic and sharp. They want to be able to picture their possessions in the home, but at the same time have an idea of the depth of a room

There are three things the seller and Shakopee real estate agent can control during the sale of a house

1) Price

2) Marketing

3) Condition

 The rest is up to the current Shakopee real estate conditions of the market, the supply of home buyers in the market etcetera. In this article we are focusing in on the third point, condition. If you are considering have a market analysis done on your home, a Shakopee real estate agentalso may be able to advise what you can do prior to getting your home on the market if if you are not thinking of listings for 3-9 months from now.  Here are some helpful tips if you are thinking of selling your home in Shakopee this spring or summer.

  1. Please leave the home if possible, buyers get uncomfortable when the owner is present.
  2. Make sure you locks work smoothly. There is nothing worse for a first impression than a door that is impossible to open. Also if you have any sort of traffic noise outside, you are just giving the buyers an excuse to exclude your home.
  3. Create good “curb appeal”.  When the potential purchasers step from the salesperson’s car and see you home for the first time, you want that first impression to be a “WOW”!  The lawn, bushes, flowers, etc., should be kept cut, trimmed, and edged.
  4. If it’s summer time, make sure to turn the sprinklers on for 10 minutes 30 minutes prior to your showing.
  5. Turn on a lite radio station such as 97.1
  6. At the front door you want to maintain that great first impression. As the potential purchasers wait to enter your home they will be inspecting its exterior condition.  So, be sure the front door and surrounding area are scrubbed clean and painted if necessary.  You may wish to enhance the entrance area with decorative planter of colorful flowering plants.
  7. Keep the window areas clean and dressed up with curtains or drapes. Keep the curtains or drapes open when the home is being shown so as to keep the interior bright and cheery.
  8. Remove screens in the summertime so windows appear larger and the home stay brighter.
  9. If any of the interior walls need scrubbing or painting it is a good idea to get that accomplished immediately.  Money spent on interior painting is usually more than recovered in the final sales price.  Be sure to use a bright and neutral color.
  10. Remove borders from the home. You may love them, but typically they are dated, too personalized and buyer consider them another thing to do when they move in.
  11. Be sure to keep the kitchen area sparkling and neat since it is an area of major importance.  This is not always convenient, but the kitchen often sells the home. Remove everything, yes everything off of your refrigerator.
  12. Tuck away all you small appliances. Toaster, coffee maker and stand mixer.
  13. If you want to be creative set the dining room table. If you have a master suite with a large soaking tub, set out a bottle of wine and a few glasses. Turn the fireplace on to set a comfortable mood.
  14. Remove most personal photos from you home for two reasons. Some people can be prejudice, some spend too much time looking at you instead of the home and it just gives you more privacy.
  15. The bathrooms are also utmost importance.   Be sure to keep them scrubbed and neat. Put toothbrushes away and toilet lids down.
  16. Make up the beds each day and make sure all clothes are hung neatly away. Reduce seasonal clothes in the closet as well to make them appear larger. This goes for coat closets as well.
  17. During evening showings be sure to leave lights on in each room.  This helps to show the home in its best light and makes the potential purchasers feel welcome. Make sure all the bulbs are in working order
  18. Keep all stairways clear of hazards.  Make sure dishes, clothes, toys, newspapers and magazines, etc., are put away.
  19. Keep the family pet out of the way during showing.  If the potential purchasers are uneasy around your pet, they will not want to stay.  And, if they enjoy seeing your pet, they will be distracted.  In either case, they are not focused on your home. If possible remove from the home.
  20. It is important for the potential purchasers to feel as comfortable as possible while in your home.  So as not to make them feel as if they are intruding, it is a good idea for you and your children to leave them alone with the salesperson.  They will then feel more comfortable to stay and take a good look, and the Shakopee real estate agent can do his/her job. 
  21. If you have lot of moving boxes make sure they are organized and stacked neatly in the garage. Garages are VERY important to buyer and if your garage space looks small you are just giving the buyer a reason to move on to the next home.
  22. Empty all garage cans in bathroms and kitchen. Especially if you have rollout garage can in the kitchen. Nothing to turn someone off when looking at a nice feature than a stanky garage can.
  23. Vaccuum before you leave the home and spray with a light scent of something like frebreze lialac vanilla.
  24. Remember to remove or hide valuables. In 10 years (knock on wood) I have not had anything go missing, but it’s always good to be safe rather than sorry.
  25. Now go hang out with your neighbors and watch your showing through their windows. I have to admit when we sold our townhome we did this!

 Don’t be afaid to ever replace dated or worn items in your home. It may seem like you are spending money on something you will never recoupe, but I havehad lots of success with client doing this PRIOR to listing their Shakopee real estate listings. Don’t say we wll give it a try and if it’s not selling then we will do something. You will just lose market time.