Shakopee Foreclosures

Digging through the Minnesota MLS this year may possibly be one of the largest year for Shakopee foreclosures to date. So far in 2011 there have been 28 foreclosure homes in Shakopee that have closed escrow.  36 Shakopee foreclosures are currently pending bring this years foreclosure total in Shakopee to 64 homes through only February. We are pacing over a home sold per day that is consider a Shakopee foreclosure! Now theoretically take that number and multiple by six, could that mean we are heading for 384 Shakopee foreclosures for the year?

Those Shakopee foreclosure numbers seem staggering being only 197 closed homes in Shakopee last year were foreclosures. We are heading for close to double those numbers and eclipsing the high of 331 set in 2009. Currently there are 54 homes in Shakopee that are active on the market and considered Shakopee foreclosures.

All of these numbers are only estimates being many Shakopee real estate agents often do not disclose the status of their Minnesota MLS listings or decipher if the home is a bank owned home, short sale or potential short sale. Why Shakopee real estate agent don’t disclose status can vary and it would be too time consuming to go through EVERY listing to get exact numbers

Although not perfect numbers you can see how the number of foreclosures in Shakopee have escalated since last year and how many buyers will have numerous opportunities this coming year.

Shakopee Parks- Park Meadows Planning Meeting 3/3/11

Everyone knows with Shakopee real estate prices declining over the past few years, new construction homes in Shakopee slowing until last year, and increased pressure by the City of Shakopee to make budget cuts have put some city  projects on hold. Originally the park in the predominant neighborhood built by Centex, Park Meadows, in Shakopee had no funds to build their community park until 2013. Original plans for the 6+ acre park included a hockey rink, multiple base fields, potential soccer fields, a playground and more.

Finally the time has come and funding did get moved up!  I was speaking to a Shakopee real estate agent from Centex homes that did confirm the park was to begin being built this summer. I also confirmed with the City of Shakopee that the Park Meadows neighborhood park would begin construction this summer. The woman I spoke with stated there is a neighborhood meeting Thursday, March 3rd at 6:30pm at Sunpath elementary in Shakopee.

According to the City of Shakopee construction will begin in  June with as much as the budget allows, which is was stated to be a large budget. What they include in the park will be determined by what the City of Shakopee wants & neighbor influence. The City of Shakopee does hope to include multiple ball fields,  a play ground for sure, hockey rink and open space.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home in the Park Meadows neighborhood, or looking at all Shakopee homes for sale make sure you get preapproved before starting you Shakopee home search. If you have a home to sell, talk to a local Shakopee Realtor to find the current market value of your home.

If you are a first time home buyer, the Twin City Real Estate Team will be hosting live FREE online home webinars with multiple dates in March including a “Night Owl” session from 9:30-11:00pm