Protect Your Home From Water

I know a few solid American Family Insurance agents who are local, Bob Loonan and Nikki O’Brien.  In a recent newsletter I received, Bob mentioned springtime floods are not uncommon in many areas. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 2009, 405 flood insurance claims were filed in Minnesota alone and the average claim was almost $18,000!

When spring arrives the temperatures follow melting all our unwanted and long overdue snow. With that being said it also adds to the rivers and streams. When those bodies of water start to overflow their banks they can cause a lot of damage to surrounding homes that stand in their path. For those within the flood plain insurance is a must or you could be leaving yourself with a huge liability on your hand if your basement or home were to flood. Flood insurance is mandoatory if you live in a high risk location and many lenders will require you to purchase the insurance prior to close. What I found interesting in the article was that about 25% of all claims came in locations that were considered moderate to low risk area.

If you do not have flood insurance or are unsure about your coverage make sure to contact one of these quality insurance agents who will be able to sit down and discuss what is the best option for you and your home.  American Family Insurance offers flood insurance but there is a 30 day waiting period so make sure you are contacting your agent within a reasonable time, not when you see the levy getting close to spilling over the edge! While flood insurance won’t protect against keeping your basement dry, it will make recouping costs easier and give you peace of mind.

One way to protect your basement against water is having your basement draintiled in which the tile leads to a sump basket. The sump pump within the basket pumps the water outside your home to keep your basement and interior possessions dry. Make sure to test your sump pump every spring to ensure it is in working order. Also make sure the hose does not expell next to the foundation. Have a long extention hose drain water away from your home and your neighbors hosue out of respect. Ifyou want to be extra cautious look into having a licensed plumber install a backup sump pump for under $400 in case your power ever goes out.

Below I put the contact information for Bob, Nikki and a great local plumber I know:

Bob Loonan- American Family Insurance


Nikki O’Brien- American Family Insurance


Tom Dewitz- Plumber