New Shakopee School District Boundaries

Now with the new elementary school opening in Shakopee this upcoming Fall, close to one third of the student population will be assigned a new school. My wife who taught at Pearson will be moving to the new Jackson Elementary School, as Pearson will become a sixth grade center for the Shakopee School District. Other significant changes within Shakopee Schools and throughout the Shakopee School District include a new principal at the Shakopee High School and a new superintendant. 

The Shakopee School board took many things into consideration that would be used in developing the proposed attendance areas include walking distance, transportation efficiency and the balancing the demographics of free and reduced lunch students and English Language Learner students. Previously most free and reduced lunch students remained in the Sweeney and Pearson Elementary schools. 

According to the ISD 720 website, Pearson Elementary may also be used as overflow for kindergarten and other programs in addition to the sixth grade center use starting in 2011.

Shakopee will now have the Shakopee High School, Shakopee Junior High, Shakopee Middle School, 6th Grade center and five elementary schools listed below:

-Red Oak Elementary

-Eagle Creek Elementary

-Sweeney Elementary

-Jackson Elementary

-Sun Path Elementary

Requests for having a child attend a school outside of his/her attendance area may be considered by the board after the proposed attendance areas have received final approval. Requests may be accepted starting approximately April 15.

New Shakopee School District Boundaries

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