What Buyers Look For In Your Shakopee Home or Town Home and What Helps Sell It

As the housing market continues to remain relatively uncertain, sellers may be curious on what the secret is to selling their house. Sellers want their house to sell quickly while keeping most of the equity that they have built up in their home. Now, there is no perfect method that guarantees a perfect sale of your home, but there are certain factors that will have an effect on how quickly and for how much your home sells.

1) Price – You need to capture your audience and can do that through price. If priced above the competition, buyers may not even take a look. A price that is just below the competition is likely to get a lot of interest and be off the market sooner.

2) Location – This is still a very important component to your house sale. A lot of buyers are very particular on location. Things like major roads, power lines, and airports may deter buyers from your home.

3) Livability – There has been some growing popularity amongst buyers with livability and amenities. Buyers look for neighborhoods that are close to golf courses, parks, restaurants, and shopping. They also want good schools, walking trails, and welcoming neighborhoods.

4) Condition – A home that is well maintained and ready to move in will sell faster than a rundown home in a good neighborhood. While major fixes are more apparent and usually well appreciated, simple fixes such as new paint and clean carpets can also have an effect.

5) Competitive Advantage – Seller’s cannot think they are the only one in this race to sell a house. Past sales, current listings, and foreclosures are all direct competition with your home. You need to consider what the other homes have to offer and what updates they might have. From there, you will be able to make comparisons in order to price your home competitively.

6) Curb Appeal – It is the first impression that you give to buyers. Keep your lawn and yard maintained and make sure everything is in order while you have your home on the market.

7) Staging – Buyers are looking to be impressed when they walk into your home. Remove clutter, personal items, and make sure the space is clean. This will allow buyers to really appreciate the space without being distracted or only noticing the bad spots.

8) Kitchens – Having a good kitchen can sell a house. Minor updates and remodels such as updating cabinets, counters, and floors are a huge advantage.

9) Agents – Choosing to work with an accomplished and knowledgeable Shakopee real estate agent could be your greatest advantage. They will know the latest market trends; have a network of agents, and numerous contacts to help you find the right home.

10) Marketing – Showcasing your home is most easily done through the Internet to millions of potential buyers. Sellers should work with their agent to develop a solid marketing plan. Since the agent is working for the seller, be sure that they earn their commission and do the job that you expect of them.