Scott County Community Development Grants- $3000 Down Payment Assistance

This blog is to inform you that there are no longer any Scott County Community Development Agency Homebuyers Club grants available for 2011.

If you are looking to purchase and close in 2011, the grant will not be an option for, however funding for this program is set to begin again in January 2012. Successful Homebuyers Club graduates may be eligible for up to $3000 in down-payment assistance beginning in January 2012.

Homebuyers Club Grant Eligibility Criteria:

  •       Must purchase in Scott County
  •       Must be a  Scott County CDA Homebuyers Club graduate
  •       Must be a first-time homebuyer
  •       Must qualifyfor a mortgage through an approved lender
  •       Must beeligible for the mortgage prior to applying the grant
  •       Must meet income eligibility guidelines OR be an in-good-standing former or graduating participant of a Scott County CDA housing program   (including unsubsidized units)
  •       The purchase price must meet price eligibility guidelines
  •       The amount of the grant must not exceed ten percent of the purchase price


The September Homebuyers Club is currently full, dates for the January Homebuyers Club will be posted at when they become available.


Feel free to contact me with any questions at or 612-384-2178