Shakopee Utilities Cold Weather Rules

As things start to get a bit colder, the Minnesota cold weather rule, specifically the Shakopee Utilities cold weather rules will come into effect. Each year some Shakopee Public Utility customers are not able to pay their electric bill during the cold weather due to job loss or other hardships. If a Shakopee resident can not pay their electric bill, make sure to contact Shakopee public utility company at 952-445-1988.

The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule was established to protect residential customers from service disconnection between October 15th and April 15th, usually the coldest part of the year. You need to check to see if you qualify for the protection under the following three conditions:

1) The disconnection would affect your main heat source
2) You home meets the Minnesota cold weather Rule payment plan guidelines
3) You and Shakopee Public Utilities agree to a payment plan

The Minnesota cold Weather Rule DOES NOT FORBID ALL WINTER DISCONNECTIONS. If you do receive notice of Proposed Disconnection this winter, YOU MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY.

For more information make sure to call 952-342-2482 for additional details and applications are available at the Shakopee Public Utilities service center.