New Mayor in Shakopee Election Results

Shakopee has elected a new Mayor, Brad Tabke, with the majority vote. previous Shakopee mayor John Schmitt lost in a tight race that came down close to the end. Brad Tabke will bring new blood into the Shakopee leadership community and I am VERY excited to see what Tabke will get started. The new Shakopee mayor Brad Tabke did talk about hiring more police force and trying to establish the down Shakopee area. I think it would be great to turn the downtown Shakopee area into a “Shops at Arbour Lakes” ┬álike in Maple Grove. Having an outdoor shopping area and combine it with some sort of River boat ride/dining would really increase the traffic in that area. Hopefully now that Tabke is the new Shakopee Mayor we can look at expanding the community center as well which is in dire need of updating. Shakopee is a great area with very afforable homes and a bright future!


Other election results:

City Council

Jay Whiting and Matt Lehman

Shakopee School Board

Reggie Bowerman, Angela Tucker and Matt McKeand


For more information about the Shakopee election Results visit the local Shakopee News Article