Maplewood Townhomes For Sale

If you are looking at buying a townhome or home in the Maplewood area, consider buying a Maplewood Townhome. Townhouses in Maplewood offer the space of a single family home with the convenience and savings of a condo. Many  Maplewood townhomes are worry free when it comes to lawn care and exterior repairs. Typically Maplewood townhome associations will pay for the repairs and updating of the exterior including the siding and roof. Another added benefit is not having to care for the lawn and shovel snow, so you can spend your time enjoying the beautiful City of Maplewood including its shopping, hiking trails, and community activities. Townhomes associations in Maplewood typically pay for the hazard insurance on the townhome creating a lower insurance payment for you.  Another added benefit of a Maplewood townhouse is the lower utility bills, creating another savings for you. Townhomes in Maplewood are offered in a variety of price ranges and are comprised of many unique layouts. Find your dream home in a Maplewood townhouse today!