Shakopee Homes for Sale

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If you are thinking about shopping for Shakopee homes, your timing is perfect? Why? Real estate prices are still low, but things are heating up. Multiple offers on Shakopee homes for sale are becoming commonplace. The MLS inventory of houses still offers selection, but that inventory is beginning to shrink. As a result, buyer demand is starting to increase, and prices are going up. Every type of home in all price ranges in Shakopee MN is selling.

Here are Shakopee MN real estate listings that were posted to the MLS/IDX within the last 10 days:

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Shakopee Homes are Easy to Finance!

Mortgage rates are low, and right now some fabulous financing programs are available, most notably the Scott County CDA downpayment assistance program. Many Shakopee home buyers are financing with the minimal down FHA 3.5% programs. Many banks will also pay 3% of the buyer closing costs. There is even a helpful conventional program where you can put down only 5-10% and still avoid the added monthly costs mortgage insurance , saving you hundreds of dollars per month. There is an upfront mortgage insurance cost, but if you stay in your home more than three years, you will recover the cost. This is a popular way to finance the purchase of Shakopee homes.

New Homes in Shakopee for Sale

Shakopee’s premier home builder is F&B construction, a custom home builder in Shakopee, with a 40 year old reputation for building quality custom homes. Currently they are building in the Spring Lake Estate developments in Prior Lake but can build anywhere. They are planning on building more Shakopee homes on eight lots, three of which will back up to Stonebrooke golf course. If you are thinking about buying a new home in Shakopee, this is a good time to get started because lot prices are bound to go skyward as the population of Scott County continues to grow.

Shakopee Homes Hold Value

Shakopee homes hold their value over the long term, thanks to the high quality of life offered by this well-run community. Citizens and community leaders are resolute about encouraging job-creating business to move here without compromising the natural beauty of this area. There are already a number of start-ups and major corporations operating in Shakopee.

Shakopee offers top-notch municipal amenities, major shopping, good schools and major entertainment venues such as Canterbury Park and Valley Fair. Shakopee MN homes offer far more value than properties north of the Minnesota River in Chanhassen and Eden Prairie. Unless you commute to work on the north side of the river, there are so many new amenities south of the river that you will find that you rarely have to cross the river to find what you are looking for. Shakopee homes offer a convenient location and appreciation over the long term.

Luxury Homes in Shakopee, Minnesota

You don’t need to cross the river to find fine upscale homes; there are some great luxury Shakopee homes for sale right here, especially in Valley Creek Crossing The Valley Creek Crossing neighborhood was built by about twelve quality builders including Lennar, and rigorous architectural standards, including a requirement for natural materials on the front of the house. This is a neighborhood with an aesthetically pleasing mix of a variety of styles which stands in stark contrast to many other developments that offer cookie-cutter designs, meaning that all of the houses look the same. Careful planning and thoughtful architectural standards insure that the property value of Shakopee homes in Valley Creek Crossing is protected.

Glacier Estates is another prominent neighborhood of luxury Shakopee homes built by Ryland, a local builder of note. Glacier Estates is strategically located between County Rd 18, Eagle Creek Boulevard, the new Highway 21, and affords easy access to MN 169. This is an especially convenient location because it is just a “stone’s throw” from big-box stores, including Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and a number of other major retail venues.

Savannah Oaks is another gorgeous neighborhood of Shakopee homes in the Southbridge area. Savannah Oaks homes are mostly two story homes with brick fronts that were built by DR Horton. A number of Savannah Oaks homes have been foreclosed and some are in potential short-sale listings, meaning that they are already priced to sell. Shakopee homes in Savanna Oaks are expected to hold value well, thanks to the convenient location and the quality craftsmanship that DR Horton is known for.

Shakopee Homes are Affordable

Park Meadows is a Centex-built neighborhood of single family neighborhood of two-story homes with about 2400 to 3500 square feet above grade. This is a great place to grow your family, and there is a twelve acre park that is being finished up.

Townhomes in Shakopee

There are a number of good neighborhoods of Shakopee townhomes with excellent purchase opportunities, and you could hardly go wrong on any of them. There are single level detached townhomes, townhomes with all living facilities on one level, as well as twin homes and side-by side styles. One neighborhood of Shakopee townhomes that are especially hot sellers right now are found in Deans Lake development by Lowe’s and CSV Pharmacy. All of these townhomes were built by Ryland, including three distinct floor plans. There are also detached townhomes in the neighborhood that are selling at half of the price they were built for. Judging by the way the Shakopee townhome market is heating up, these prices won’t last very long.
Foreclosed Shakopee Homes
Shakopee home foreclosures are offering home buyers unprecedented opportunities to find affordable homes at prices that are decidedly in their favor. Short sales listings are also in abundant supply, and about 60-65% of all of the real estate are either foreclosed properties or short sale situations.

Your Shakopee Real Estate Agent

If you are considering the purchase of a Shakopee home, call me first. I grew up in this area, and my wife and I both work here. I have been licensed since 2001, hold my broker license, and kow the area better than alsmost everyone. My mission as your REALTOR is to help you find the best Shakopee homes that most closely meets your needs. I think I am also a very patient person and am not pushy when it comes to buying or selling. I want you to be as happy about living here as I am. Who knows? We might be neighbors!

Shakopee Foreclosed Homes

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It’s a poorly kept secret that the Twin Cities real estate market has been affected by the recent economic downturn, and Shakopee home prices are not an exception to this. Even though Shakopee home prices have not been impacted nearly as hard as other metro areas, there is still a broad inventory of Shakopee foreclosures for sale on the regional MLS. The good news from all of this is that Shakopee foreclosures offer prices on homes in many cases that are significantly less than what the homeowner paid for it just three or four years ago. As a result, the Shakopee real estate market is presenting home buyers with conditions that are sharply tilted in their favor. Shakopee foreclosures are creating the best home buyers market you may ever see in your lifetime.

Browse some Shakopee foreclosed properties posted to the MLS within the past two weeks:

Display all Shakopee foreclosed homes (bank-owned) currently available on the regional MLS/IDX.

Time to Invest in Foreclosed Shakopee Homes

Another piece of good news is that homes in Shakopee hold their value appreciate well over the long haul, and are still one of the best long-term investments you can make. If you pick up one of these Shakopee foreclosures at today’s prices and hang on to it, you should come out ahead. Scott County is one of the fastest growing areas in the state, and Shakopee is anticipated to see the lion’s share of this growth. Why? Highway improvements continue to make this southern metro Minneapolis suburb more accessible than ever, and quality schools, parks, top-notch municipal services, and recreational opportunities support a high quality of life. In addition, Shakopee MN  enjoys an abundance of major retail venues that include Cub Foods, Target, Kohls, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Lowes, Home Depot, and many, many more. There is nice selection of fine restaurants like Dangerfields, a multi-screen theater and so many other important amenities that it is hardly necessary for residents to cross the Minnesota River to find the things they need. No one has a crystal ball that can predict how much homes can appreciate, but the smart money is on Shakopee real estate.

Savvy real estate investors are acutely aware of market conditions, especially price, the supply of Shakopee foreclosures, low interest rates, and potential for future resale. They are starting to scoop up foreclosed Shakopee homes at a good stiff clip, knowing that they can use them for positive cash flow now and for capital gains in the future. First-time home buyers are also taking advantage of the affordable supply of Shakopee foreclosures because they realize that the prices of Shakopee homes will go up as the inventory of foreclosed Shakopee homes dwindles, the prices go up. Many who are indecisive will miss out, and may be locked into a rental situations for a long, long time.

Buying Shakopee Foreclosures

If you are looking to purchase Shakopee foreclosures or other distressed properties, call me for a free consultation. As a long time resident, REALTOR, and foreclosures expert, I know the market trends, neighborhood resale histories, and even the lenders who currently own these properties. I also understand construction techniques and issues that may affect your enjoyment of your purchase The purchase of a Shakopee foreclosure requires a transaction process that is quite different than traditional real estate purchases, and because each situation is unique and every lender is different, every transaction is unique. Also, I know how to negotiate with the lenders and can represent your interests by ensuring that you understand the process and what it takes to compose a winning offer on your terms.

Your REALTOR for Foreclosed Shakopee Homes

My goal as your Shakopee foreclosures expert is help you buy the best property at the best value, under terms of a contract that favor your interests. Also, I often am aware of properties that are facing foreclosure but have not yet reached the MLS.

Call me for a no-hassle consultation at 612.384.2178. If I can serve you in any way, please let me know. I am here to help.
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Shakopee Townhome Short Sales

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Shakopee townhome developments comprise an enormous segment of the Shakopee real estate market, and the MLS inventory is brimming with Shakopee townhome short sales listings.

Check out short sale Shakopee townhome listings for sale on the MLS/IDX system:

Bookmark this link for ALL townhomes in Shakopee listed as “short sales.”

Why Are There So Many Shakopee Townhome Short Sales?

There are few townhouses that were built more than 20 years ago, and the bulk of them were built in the early 2000’s at a time when townhome prices were soaring and unsound lending practices were rampant. Many townhomes were purchased with risky mortgage products such as interest only ARMs. Also, many of these homes were purchased with little or no money down, and seller contributions toward buyer closing costs were commonplace, meaning that many townhome owners were actually buying themselves into negative equity situations right at closing. Shakopee townhomes seemed to be going up everywhere, and soon it became apparent that these types of homes were overbuilt. Then the economic downturn came, ARM mortages were adjusted upwards, and prices fell. Credit and underwriting tightened up, making it harder for buyers to purchase. Non-stop “the sky is falling” media reports about the real estate market eroded buyer confidence. All of this was the perfect recipe for creating the inventory of Shakopee townhome short sales listings that we see today.

Time to Purchase Shakopee Townhome Short Sales

Fast-forward to the future: The economy recovers, and the population of Shakopee continues to grow. In fact, Scott County is the fastest growing county in the state of Minnesota, and it doesn’t take a real estate guru to tell you that increased population means increased demand, and prices stabilize and begin to climb. It is axiomatic that if you want to make profits in real estate, buy property where the people will be. Inventory of Shakopee townhome short sales and foreclosure listings begins to decline, placing yet another upward pressure on prices. Interest rates begin to go back up and buyers who were “sitting on the fence” start to get nervous, so they jump off the fence and buy.

Timing is important too. Warren Buffett and Donald Trump are both telling us that the time to buy real estate right now. Warren Buffet claims that he finds the most opportunity “when there is blood in the streets.” If you have been thinking of shopping for Shakopee townhome short sale listings, don’t make the classic investor’s mistake of waiting until prices go up. Also, don’t make the classic borrower’s mistake of waiting until prices go up. Owners of Shakopee short sale townhome listings have taken a beating from market conditions, but if you are a home buyer, your stock is rising. Shakopee townhome short sales are presenting you with a buying opportunity of a lifetime!

Short Sale Townhomes in Shakopee for Sale

If you are looking for a Shakopee MN townhouse, the selection is broad and prices are great. According to the Northstar Regional MLS at the time of this post, there were a total of 37 Shakopee short sale townhome listings, with prices running the gamut from $64,900 to $270K, at an average list price of $121,000 and an average finished square footage of 1640 sq ft. That’s a lot of home for the money. In fact, you can find detached Shakopee townhomes in Southbridge offering 1800+ square feet of living space for only 110K, and side-by-side 3 br townhouses offering 1576 square feet and priced in the 90’s The best part about it is that most of these townhouses are in mint condition, in spite of their distressed status. On the west end of town near Tahpah park, you can find sharp BrightKeys-built side-by-side townhomes in Stone Meadows boasting low HOPA fees of $110 per month that include everthing. And if you really want to ride the demographic wave of baby boomers with bad knees that are close to retirement age, an all-one-level Pulte Built townhome with a Great Room, spacious, sunny kitchen, sun room, main floor laundry room, and attached garages can be found right across the street from the BrightKeys development, priced in the mere $130’s!

Some sterling examples of the tremendous deals on Shakopee town short sales you can find are some classy detached two story townhomes in Dean Lakes addition with a traditional look, five bedrooms, four baths, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, extra large cabinets, maple flooring, gas fireplace, master bath with whirlpool tub, and many other upgrades and special touches.

It’s All Good!

It’s all here, and it’s all yours at an incredible price, with financing available at historically low interest rates. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Shakopee, and some of the real estate deals right now are Shakopee townhome short sales. Contact your Shakopee short sales expert now for more comprehensive information.

Shakopee Short Sales: Bonanza for Home Buyers

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Bam! Bam! Bam!

Did you hear that?

That’s the sound of opportunity knocking!  Today’s Shakopee real estate market is presenting you with unprecedented purchase opportunities, and Shakopee short sales are holding a window of opportunity open for home buyers. Many of these Shakopee short sales listings are priced tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars less than what the current home owners paid for them just a few years ago.

Here are some Shakopee MN short sales listings that were posted on the MLS/IDX within the last 30 days:


Here is a link that will display ALL Shakopee Short Sales, according to the MLS/IDX system.


Buying Shakopee Short Sales: A Window of Opportunity

But don’t expect this window of opportunity to stay open forever. Interest rates right now are at historic lows, and can only go up, and the economy will eventually make a full recovery, and homebuyer confidence and demand will soar once again.  As the supply of Shakopee short sales inventory declines, prices can only go up.

By definition, Shakopee short sales are “short” because proceeds of the sale are less than the current balance of the mortgage on the subject property.  This means that banks will need to “eat” the difference in the form of a loss.  Obviously this loss is your gain!

Do lenders really do this, and why would they do it? Yes!  Lenders do not want to accumulate any more REO inventory; they know from experience that if the property goes into foreclosure, they will incur many more expenses and take a much larger loss.  Lenders are becoming more realistic  than ever, and are willing to negotiate.

If you are shopping for Shakopee short sales, there are a few things you should know.  That property that you see listed as a “short sale” might not really be for sale because the lender might not be willing to approve of an offer at list price.  A Shakopee short sales expert can help you uncover information about this aspect of the sale.  Also, it is possible for your offer to get “bumped” and frequently it can take a long time for offers to be accepted.  Multiple offers are often placed on these properties.  Also, these properties cannot be purchased for pennies on the dollar as some late-night TV infomercials may suggest; however a professional Shakopee short sales expert with experience, finesse, and acumen can still help you get a great bargain by guiding you through the process, providing a realistic, objective view of the transaction, and negotiating with the lender.  I can cut through the layers of red tape and help ensure that the entire transaction proceeds smoothly to closing.

Call me for a free consultation at 612.384.2170. Benefit from my years of experience with Shakopee short sales, my negotiation skills, and the five-star client service that I provide.  I am here to help!

Shakopee Short Sales: Help for Homeowners

If you are “upside down” on your mortgage, you are in good company. Many Shakopee homeowners in the same situation due to unforseen circumstances like loss of job or business, or even from balloon financing or other types of mortgages that demand an increase in monthly payments that cannot be met by the homeowner.  The “strategic foreclosure” approach to this problem is tempting to many sellers in this situation; however, it is important to realize that this idea is hardly “strategic” at all.  Foreclosures have untoward long-term consequences.  However, many Shakopee home owners have found that a successful short sale of the property is the best possible solution.

Common Myths About Shakopee Short Sales

Unfortunately, the “strategic foreclosure” is just one of a number of myths that some home owners have accepted.  Here are a few others:

Myth: I have to be delinquent on my monthly mortgage payments.
Fact: Lenders often consider hardship situations or conditions that ensure an upcoming shortfall.  If you are distressed by your current mortgage payments on your Shakopee home, contact your lender immediately to discuss the situation.

Myth: Banks will just let the property go into foreclosure.
Fact: Foreclosures are lengthy and expensive, and the lender will lose large amounts of money.  Lenders would rather see a short sale on  your Shakopee property before accepting more REO inventory.  As a result, they will go to great lengths to avoid the foreclosure process on your Shakopee home.

Myth:  There is not enough time for me to complete a short sale on my Shakopee property.
Fact:  Frequently, lenders will push the foreclosure deadlines back if they believe you are making reasonable efforts to sell your house. As a Shakopee short sales expert, I have been frequently been contacted by lenders who want to know the details about how your property is listed and marketed.

Myth:  Shakopee short sales rarely get approved.
Fact:  If you disclose everything about your situation to your REALTOR, the Realtor practices due diligence and knows how to communicate with the lender, and knows how to handle the details, your short sale will most likely be approved.

Myth: If I do a short sale, I will have to pay back the the difference between the proceeds and the balance of the mortgage.
Fact:  This rarely happens.  You will want a written guarantee from the lender stating that the balance has been forgiven.  Also, you should talk to your tax adviser about the tax consequences of the forgiven debt.

Myth: Listing my home as a short sale will be an embarrassment to me.
Fact: Hardly! nAny stigma attached to short sales has completely disappeared. More people are in your situation than you can possibly imagine.  However, long-term affects of foreclosure on your credit rating will follow you for a long, long time.

Help With Buying Short Sales Listings in Shakopee

Do you have any questions about listing your home as a Shakopee short sale?  Please call me for a confidential consultation at 612.384.2178.  Don’t let a foreclosure turn your life upside down.hakopee short sales.