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Living Room

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom
3BR townhome w/ unfinshed LL. You will not be
dissappointed! Hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, neutral decor
throughout, Upgraded stainless steel appliances, breakfast bar, Vaulted master bedroom with private bath, deck for entertaining & more! Assn has included outdoor swimming pool. Close to many restaruants and shopping and walking trails.

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Year Built: 2005
Garage Size: 2+
School District: 720-Shakopee
Square Footage: 1648
Agent Name: Tom Scott
Broker: Remax Advantage Plus

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Re/Max to Buy Commonly Known Edina Realty Building in Shakopee

Re/Max Advantage Plus in Shakopee is making quite the moves in the Shakopee real estate market and has purchased what was known commonly as the Edina Realty building in Shakopee, although Edina Realty does not currently own the building, but was leaseing space. This forces Edina Realty out of the building they have occupied since opening and positions Re/Max Advantage Plus well in the Shakopee real estate marketplace. Re/Max truly is a market leader in the Shakopee real estate market and holding true to their slogan, nobody sells more real estate than Re/Max. Re/Max Advantage Plus has continued to gain strong market-share in Shakopee real estate market and look for a prosperous future as they continue to grow and add experienced, driven agents to their sales force. If you are considering a career in real estate, look to the Shakopee market leader, Re/Max International. With top of the line technology, mentorship programs, high commission splits, great support and some of the top agents in the marketplace, you know you are in the best of hands with respected, ethical and fun Shakopee Realtors.

For more information about a career in real estate contact us

Real Estate Can offer you:

  • Flexible Hours
  • Additional & No Ceiling on Income
  • Part time work
  • Satisfaction of helping others


  • Satisfaction of helping others achieve goals

Savage Townhome Rental | 6-12 Month Lease | Oversized Garage

rental townhomes savageAlthough not in Shakopee I figure, CLOSE ENOUGH, eh! :) I have a client that is renting out their townhome in Savage and I am trying to do everything I can to help find them someone asap. This is a NICE pristine 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhome within walking distance to Target, Caribou and many other shops. Oversized garage large enough to fit a boat and they will look at a short term lease. Current pricing for a 12 month lease is $1275 per month. This also covers garbage and water.



Back To School In Shakopee Schools!

It’s that time of year and the schools in the Shakopee MN area have started up again. Even though it’s back to school time, the MN real estate market is still kicking! For families that might be relocating or thinking about moving to the Shakopee area, here is an overview of the Shakopee MN School District.

The Shakopee MN School District 720 serves almost 7,000 MN students in all or parts of Shakopee, Savage, and Prior Lake. The MN school district has five elementary schools: Sweeney, Sun Path, Red Oak, Pearson(Jackson), and Eagle Creek. From there MN students move into the Middle school, which is for grades 6 and 7. Shakopee MN is a unique MN school district, because after middle school, students go into the Junior High, which hosts grades 8 and 9. This is located right off of 169 and Marschall Road. Finally students will attend Shakopee Senior High School which has grades 10-12 which comes to a total of about 1,435 students. Shakopee is a good community with good schools, where students are very proficient in math and reading. It is a great place to live and raise a family.

Shakopee, MN is located about twenty minutes southwest of downtown Minneapolis off highway 169 and alongside the Minnesota River. Shakopee has a population of 37,076 and has many activities for its residents. The city has Valleyfair amusement park, Canterbury Park horse track, The Landing which is an 88-acre historic village located on the Minnesota River, and the Renaissance Festival is also associated with Shakopee.

If you are looking for some help in finding MN real estate in the Shakopee area, take a look at our web page The Re/Max Advantage Plus & Twin City Real Estate Team will work with you to exceed your expectations. Even if you are looking in an area besides Shakopee, MN, we could still assist in your MN home search.

Incoming search terms:

  • shakopee high school

Scott County Community Development Grants- $3000 Down Payment Assistance

This blog is to inform you that there are no longer any Scott County Community Development Agency Homebuyers Club grants available for 2011.

If you are looking to purchase and close in 2011, the grant will not be an option for, however funding for this program is set to begin again in January 2012. Successful Homebuyers Club graduates may be eligible for up to $3000 in down-payment assistance beginning in January 2012.

Homebuyers Club Grant Eligibility Criteria:

  •       Must purchase in Scott County
  •       Must be a  Scott County CDA Homebuyers Club graduate
  •       Must be a first-time homebuyer
  •       Must qualifyfor a mortgage through an approved lender
  •       Must beeligible for the mortgage prior to applying the grant
  •       Must meet income eligibility guidelines OR be an in-good-standing former or graduating participant of a Scott County CDA housing program   (including unsubsidized units)
  •       The purchase price must meet price eligibility guidelines
  •       The amount of the grant must not exceed ten percent of the purchase price


The September Homebuyers Club is currently full, dates for the January Homebuyers Club will be posted at when they become available.


Feel free to contact me with any questions at or 612-384-2178


What’s New in The Shakopee Real Estate Market

Sorry, for not posting in a while, but it has been crazy busy lately getting out team website up, and we have been doing some blog posts recently on that website too. The school year is off and running anf my wife is officially back to work and in her new school, Jackson Elementary in Shakopee. Very exciting to have a new building and many new students as well.

The Shakopee real estate market has been extremely busy lately. It almost seems more like a spring real estate market rather than Fall. Shakopee real estate is booming when homes hit the market. It seems everything that is decent is selling within 30 days,  although the average days on market for Shakopee homes pending is currently at 140 days, which is down! 231 Shakopee homes are currently considered active in the Shakopee real estate market. Still an overwhelming amount of Shakopee short sale listings flood the market as 31 of those 231 are sold subject to bank approval. Good Shakopee homes are hard to find these days. I think we will see more Shakopee foreclosure listings hitting the market this fall. I know after talking with other Shakopee real estate agents with Remax that specialize in the foreclosure market that the banks seem to be holding back. There are great options purchasing some shakopee foreclosures such as Fannie Mae listings. You can buy a Fannie mae listing with only 3% down, no mortgage insurance no appriasal and the bank will agree to pay 3.5% of loan costs, awesome deal!

If you need any help searching for Shakopee real estate or have any questions make sure to reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

FHA Loan Limit Lowered for Shakopee MN Homes

What does this mean for the average first time buyer? Simply you won’t be able to buy Shakopee homes or other MN homes for sale over the new $318,550 loan limit and only put down the minimum 3.5% downpayment. This leads those who purchase Shakopee homes and want to contribute as little as possible their max purchase price with an FHA loan limit will be $318,550.

If your loan is not cleared for closing by underwriting by September 30th, 2011, you will be subject to the new loan limits going into place.

What Buyers Look For In Your Shakopee Home or Town Home and What Helps Sell It

As the housing market continues to remain relatively uncertain, sellers may be curious on what the secret is to selling their house. Sellers want their house to sell quickly while keeping most of the equity that they have built up in their home. Now, there is no perfect method that guarantees a perfect sale of your home, but there are certain factors that will have an effect on how quickly and for how much your home sells.

1) Price – You need to capture your audience and can do that through price. If priced above the competition, buyers may not even take a look. A price that is just below the competition is likely to get a lot of interest and be off the market sooner.

2) Location – This is still a very important component to your house sale. A lot of buyers are very particular on location. Things like major roads, power lines, and airports may deter buyers from your home.

3) Livability – There has been some growing popularity amongst buyers with livability and amenities. Buyers look for neighborhoods that are close to golf courses, parks, restaurants, and shopping. They also want good schools, walking trails, and welcoming neighborhoods.

4) Condition – A home that is well maintained and ready to move in will sell faster than a rundown home in a good neighborhood. While major fixes are more apparent and usually well appreciated, simple fixes such as new paint and clean carpets can also have an effect.

5) Competitive Advantage – Seller’s cannot think they are the only one in this race to sell a house. Past sales, current listings, and foreclosures are all direct competition with your home. You need to consider what the other homes have to offer and what updates they might have. From there, you will be able to make comparisons in order to price your home competitively.

6) Curb Appeal – It is the first impression that you give to buyers. Keep your lawn and yard maintained and make sure everything is in order while you have your home on the market.

7) Staging – Buyers are looking to be impressed when they walk into your home. Remove clutter, personal items, and make sure the space is clean. This will allow buyers to really appreciate the space without being distracted or only noticing the bad spots.

8) Kitchens – Having a good kitchen can sell a house. Minor updates and remodels such as updating cabinets, counters, and floors are a huge advantage.

9) Agents – Choosing to work with an accomplished and knowledgeable Shakopee real estate agent could be your greatest advantage. They will know the latest market trends; have a network of agents, and numerous contacts to help you find the right home.

10) Marketing – Showcasing your home is most easily done through the Internet to millions of potential buyers. Sellers should work with their agent to develop a solid marketing plan. Since the agent is working for the seller, be sure that they earn their commission and do the job that you expect of them.

Shakopee Inventory Down, Shakopee Short Sales Up

The Shakopee real estate inventory seems to be heading lower and lower, however at the same time Shakopee short sales are increasing. The Shakopee real estate market is moving though. I sold a Shakopee foreclosure listing that I put on the market in less than a week and recently  sold a listing of mine on the west side of town on Madison the same day! I did have a buyer for the listing a few weeks in advance and did notify both parties prior to listing the home. With only 260 active homes on the market, good real estate is hard to find. Shakopee town home inventory also seems to be down with only 38% of the active listing classified as Shakopee townhomes. As mentioned in a previous blog, a frustrating stat shows again how few homes are available. Of the 260 active Shakopee homes on the market, 60 actually do have offers, but do still show as active and this does not include the 70 pending homes waiting to close. Those 60 are Shakopee homes that are either subject to inspection, another home or subject to bank approval (which is essentially short sale listings). That brings me to my next CRAZY set of stats including Shakopee short sales :

  • 75 of the 260 active Shakopee homes are short sales, 29% and a high percentage.
  •  If you include Shakopee foreclosures, 39.6% of the market is distressed, which is actually down thankfully.
  • Of the 200 remaining Shakopee homes without offers, 34 are Shakopee short sales, again another positive sign as we are down to only 17% of the market being short sale listings in Shakopee.
  • Only 32% of the remaining 200 Shakopee real estate listings are townhomes. Typically 42-48% of the total sales annually in Shakopee are townhomes.

I remember a time when it was hard to find Shakopee homes for sale under $200,000, today 92 of the 200 listings without offers are under $200,000 and 32 of those are single family homes. Only 36 homes are listed over $350,000 and 15 over $500,000.


How Many Homes Do Shakopee Real Estate Agents Sell Annually?

I think many consumers in the market place tend to think that Shakopee real estate agents tend to sell 20, 30 or  even 40 homes per year. According to the National Association of Realtors, average real estate agents sell eight homes per year averaging a sales volume of $1,100,000.  I think the industry has painted a picture that Shakopee real estate agents are selling homes all day long. Shakopee Realtors tend to have many roles as they are almost running a small business in many ways. Typically the real estate brokerage hold a Realtors license, but many expenses and activities are up to the individual real estate agents. Some of the activities in a typical day may be:

  • Finding (prospecting) new business
  • Maintaining current listing inventory
  • Preparing individual marketing materials
  • Preparing listing marketing materials
  • Accounting for their real estate business
  • Website advertising
  • Marketing current listings
  • Managing the needs for their current clients

Often times Shakopee real estate agents have commission splits with their broker. Their real estate broker who holds the Realtors license may put them on a commission split with the brokerage where some newer agent could potentially be on a 50/50 split with their office and an experienced agent may be on a commission split anywhere from 50-99%. Typically with the higher commission splits there will be a “desk rent” in which the Shakopee real estate agents many need to pay a fee each month to the broker. Some of those fees could vary but from what I have seen it’s anywhere from $200-1650 per month. Some real estate companies will also charge transaction fee to their agents per transaction that may be $50-$100 and also take out corporate fees ranging from 1-3% of the gross real estate commission. Obviously these are all examples of what I have personally experienced in my career and may or may not reflect the industry as a whole because I do not know the structure of every company.

Shakopee real estate agents also have many fees they incur such as:

  • Marketing materials
  • Postage
  • Annual Licensing $450 per year
  • Supra Key Dues $152 per year
  • MLS Access Fee $114 per quarter
  • Errors and Omission Insurance $400 yr est
  • 15 Hours of Continuing Education each year
  • Signs
  • Sign installs and removal, typically $40-60 per listing
  • Business Cards
  • Optional Website IDX search $800-$1200 per year
  • Professional photography, which we sure know not many Shakopee Realtors take care of this!
  • Virtual Tours $89-$199 per listing

Average Shakopee real estate agents can easily spend upwards of $10,000-$15,000 per year in real estate related expenses. One thing we at Remax Advantage Plus and The Twin City Real Estate Team have done is to leverage our time and the real estate team philosophy. We have hired interns to do most of our marketing and prospecting for new business so that we may concentrated on client care and taking care of the needs of customers we are working with. We understand how important  the purchase of a home can be and we want to make sure to accommodate. Knowing the urgency of the Shakopee real estate market having only one Realtor can be a hang up if they are busy. Say a brand new Shakopee listing comes on the market and your agent is out of town or busy. You need to get in that house or it could sell! Having a team gives us the ability to have multiple Shakopee real estate agents on our team with the availability to show you the home. Problem solved! If you are search for a Shakopee home for sale make sure to contact us at the Twin City Real Estate Team.