Scott County and Shakopee Taxes and Home Values

Shakopee Minnesota | Scott County Taxes

Wondering how your Shakopee taxes are calculated every year. Here is a quick video that explains how. Remember that is does take a while for Scott county taxes and Shakopee tax values to come down. Just because you bough a Shakopee foreclosure home for sale cheap in 2012 does not mean your tax value will drop to the purchase price the folowing year.  Scott County and Shakopee taxes are calculated based on sales from two years previous. So you taxes you are paying in 2012 is based off of the sales prices of Shakopee homes that sold in 2010. Click the hyperlink for more Scott County tax information.

First Time Buyer Seminar

Thinking of buying your first home. We will be offering a first time buyer seminar March 15th from 6-8pm at 1228 East Vierling Drive, Shakopee. This is the Re/Max Advantage Plus office in Shakopee and we will have a loan officer on hand to answer any financing questions.

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One Level Shakopee MN Townhomes For Sale

The Shakopee real estate market has built up quite an inventory of Shakopee townhomes for sale. Shakopee MN townhomes main consist of multi level townhomes with a limited amount of one level townhomes. If you take a look at the Shakopee townhomes that have one level starting on the west side of town by Tahpah Park you have in my opinion one of the best Shakopee townhome developments, Stone Meadow.

Stone Meadows Townhomes in Shakopee

One Level Shakopee MN townhomes for saleThe Stone Meadow one level townhomes in Shakopee consist of what I would say about 100-120 townhomes. Most are slab on grade, but about 20 or so have basements are those tend to rarely come on the market. I do know of one person that would consider selling, but just does not want to list their Shakopee townhome at this time. If you are interested, give me a call and we can set up what is called a “one time showing contract” The Stone Meadow townhomes with basements also include everything on the main level and all townhomes in this development are handicap accessible. That includes doorways, bathrooms and not even one stair on the outside as I know this can be hard for those in a wheelchair. This development is run so well and recently all the townhomes had their roofs replaced off an insurance claim. Originally these townhomes were built by Pulte Homes which has now merged with Centex Homes. There are three floor plans in this development, all two bedroom 2 bathroom townhomes units with the exception of the Shakopee townhomes with basements. size generally ranges from 1300-1600 sqft est and the townhomes with basements can push 3000 sqft. You do not have anyone behind you in any of these units, just neighbors on each side. Each unit also has a nice sized patio.

One Level Townhomes With Assistance

Just to the North of the Stone Meadows neighborhood there is a little Shakopee MN  development where a little farm used to be and across the street from a church. There are only about 30-40 townhomes in this development and a few different floor plans pretty open, but the bedrooms can get a little more tight in these units. There are no basements in these units and the size is usually 1300-1400 sqft with 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Link Built Shakopee Townhomes With Basements

Just off of highway 169 and Marystown Road is a development by a good quality Shakopee builder, Link Construction. With only one street, Quincy Circle lays about 24 Shakopee twinhomes. The one level Shakopee twinhomes are quality in and out and ranks as some of the best built Shakopee townhomes out there. Stucco exteriors, concrete driveways, Anderson windows and custom cabinets set these apart. Although some insides are similar, Link allowed many builder more of a custom experience and owners were able to make there more of there own. You do not have anyone behind you in these units, just neighbors on each side Most of these Shakopee twinhomes do have basements and with that finished top out around 3200 sqft.

Golf Course Town Homes in Shakopee

Stonebrooke golf course in Shakopee also has some nice one level townhomes which do not come n the market very often either. It has been years since I have seen one pop on. You do not have anyone behind you in these units, just neighbors on each side.

Affordable Town houses in Shakopee

Countryside a Town and Country development of 500+ townhomes, mostly multi level townhomes for sale has a few different level level floor plans, however in this case you may either be on the entire top level or the entire lower level. In both case not only are you connected to your neighbor(s) on the side, but you would also have someone living above you or below you. These are probably the most cost efficient Shakopee one level townhomes for sale and there always tends to be a few to look at. Some offer only a one car garage, but others offer a two car garage. Sqft is usually in the 1000 sqft range and  the townhomes typically have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The Countryside neighborhood is located just to the west of Marschall Rd off of 17th Avenue and extends to Spencer. Right now you could probably pick up a Shakopee townhome in like this for under 100k.

Not Quite One Level Townhomes, but Close

If head a bit further down 17th Ave and turn on Dublin just after the Target there is a development of Shakopee townhomes for sale built by MW Johnson. These townhowns are a bit quirky as they are not true one level townhomes. You would have only one of two steps in between the kitchen/dining area and the family room. There is a bedroom, bathroom and laundry all on those two levels, but the “real” master bedroom is upstairs along with another bedroom and bathroom. The middle units are no different than the end units, the end units just have an extra window. I like the layout of these though as they remind me a lot of a single family home. You do not have anyone behind you in these units, just neighbors on each side.

Gene Jergens Built One Level Shakopee MN Townhouses

Along Vierling Drive in Shakopee are a long row of one level townhomes that were built by Gene Jergens. These are great one level Shakopee townhomes, however the biggest downside is that they back up to highway 169. Most are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and currently only one is listed in the upper 150’s.

That about does it for all Shakopee one level townhomes all Shakopee townhomes for sale South of 10th Street. Now moving to the North side of 10th a few more quality townhomes surface.

One Level Walkout Townhomes With Basements

Gene Jergens, a quality Shakopee builder has built quite a few Shakopee townhomes and twinhomes off of Eastway, Woodland Trail, Woodland Ct etc and like the Link Construction townhomes on Quincy these are all stucco and all have custom materials inside. Gene Jergens definitely knows how to build a house well. These Shakopee townhomes are located near Canterbury Park in Shakopee, but some have nice park like settings in the backyard and many a walkout units with finished basement. I think these are some of the nicer one level townhomes in Shakopee, but on the more expensive side

Near the old Pearson Elementary school there are a few Shakopee one level twinhomes, however unless altered these twinhomes do not have laundry on the main level. They were built in the 80’s and again are more like a single family home. The positive is there are no assn dues so your payments can so LOW. Street like Eastway have these Shakopee townhoems for sale and typically they are selling around the 95-125k price range.

Detached Townhomes By Lowes in Shakopee

Moving Eastward toward Lowes area set of unique Shakopee townhomes as they are detached. These Shakopee townhoems were built by Ryland homes around 2005-2008ish and feature basements. One unique features to these townhomes is that you belong to an assn that has an included pool in the dues. Enjoy those three-four months of sunshine we get!

Laurent Townhomes in Shakopee MN Off Vierling Drive

Laurnet built a small number of townhome in Shakopee, all of which are somewhat plain on the outside, but nice on the inside. They offer a good amount of sqft for the price and have basements which are a huge plus. I am not aware of any with walkout basements.

I may potentially missed a few developments and some intentianally as there as so few Shakopee townhomes that they are not worth bring up in detail. Scattered throughout town there are many one level Shakopee townhomes or twinhomes in which they might be sandwiched in a single family neighborhood. I know there was one on Hennes recently for sale as well as some that sold on Austin Ct.

Local Shakopee Real Estate Agent

Being one of the local Shakopee real estate agents in town, I do know a lot about the area. I grew up in Shakopee and currently reside here. My mother  lived in the Stone Meadow Townhome development and I have gotten to know many of the neighbors there. Hope you found this blog helpful and contact me if I may be of any assistance. Call me at 612-384-2178 for detailed information.




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Shakopee Realtor Market Update January 2012

Shakopee RealtorsShakopee Homes For Sale Down

Just shooting out a prospective of the past months Shakopee real estate market from a Shakopee Realtors prospective.  The real estate market has been a bit odd lately. Not many homes coming on the market, everyone telling us, “just wait, the foreclosure flood gates will open soon with more inventory” and the Shakopee homes for sale out there that a decent get snapped up in multiple offer situations after a week. A few things that have been frustrating for buyers in their current real estate market is 1) the lack of Shakopee mls listings 2) the banks sitting on offers even if you submit an offer the first hour it is listed, as it seems they are waiting for multiple offers 3) many of the “active” mls listing, aren’t so “active”, they are SOLD, sold subject to bank approval that is. Yes, many shakopee mls listings that are coming up as active listing do have offers. The reason this comes about is due to the banks requiring that the listing Realtors deem the property still active to show, because they want back up offers.

Shakopee Realtors Market Outlook 2012

Shakopee Realtors have been recently seeing inventory decrease which is a positive sign for those selling their homes. As we see inventory fall and demand stay high, typically that allows home values to rise.  I can’t remember where I read a recent real estate article that indicated the Minneapolis real estate market would see an increase in values of around 8% this year. Great news for sellers, but I would be cautiously optimistic. As a Shakopee realtor, I do feel we will see values increase this year, but slowly and depending on how that foreclosure inventory is released will also have an effect on values. If the banks just release everything at once, values are almost certain to drop if there are not enough buyers and inventory will sit stagnant until demand is there. If the banks hold onto the inventory like they have been and slowly release a few properties at a time I think inventory will remain lower and the new properties will get gobbled up quickly by hungry buyers anticipating a good deal. People thrive on competition and we are definitely seeing that with increased offers and multiple offer scenarios now.

With a good Shakopee school district I think you will see the real estate market here in Shakopee substaintially grow over the next 10 years. As a Shakopee Realtor and resident with a wife in the


Short Sale vs Foreclosure

Short Sale vs Foreclosure

Short Sale vs Foreclosure RealtorsMany financially troubled homeowners are aware that foreclosure is a lengthy process and many have questions about short vs foreclosure. This was sent from an attorney, Bradley Kirscher, who specializes in short vs foreclosure. 2012 is the end of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 and many are curious what ramifications there are with a Short Sale vs Foreclosure.  Some have heard stories about people living in their home for years without making a payment because their lender was overburdened with defaulted loans and foreclosures.  Those stories may convince them that their best choice is to remain in their home without paying until forced to leave. That urge to remain in the home they know, coupled with the commonly-accepted notion that a Short Sale vs Foreclosure is simply too difficult to complete, keeps many people who would otherwise be qualified from listing their home for short sale.  Why go through the hassle when I could live rent-free for an indefinite period of time?  How does a Short Sale vs Foreclosure benefit me, the struggling homeowner?  Aren’t Realtors just trying to earn a commission at my expense?  These are difficult questions to answer, since the questions themselves suggest that the homeowner is unlikely to sign a listing agreement. However, now is the time to address these questions, and here is the answer: TAXES!

As a general rule, cancelled debt is treated by the IRS as income.  A mortgage lender issues an IRS Form 1099-C anytime it cancels a portion of a homeowner’s debt – whether through short sale or foreclosure (foreclosure by advertisement or “non-judicial foreclosure” in Minnesota results in the lender forfeiting the right to pursue the deficiency, so the deficiency is cancelled debt).  Under the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, in many circumstances the homeowner is not required to pay income tax on the cancelled debt.  However, the Act currently applies only to debt forgiven by the end of the 2012 calendar year.  HOMEOWNERS CONSIDERING SHORT SALE vs FORECLOSURE MUST ACT NOW TO ENSURE THAT THE DEBT FORGIVEN ON THEIR HOME MORTGAGE DOES NOT INCREASE THEIR INCOME TAX.  Considering the state of the market and the time it is taking for some lenders to foreclose, even homeowners that have already missed payments may find that the lender’s delay in foreclosing results in the debt being forgiven in 2013 after the Act expires. Closing a short sale prior to the end of this calendar year results in the debt being canceled in time for the homeowner to take advantage of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act (as long as the canceled mortgage debt was used to purchase or improve the borrower’s primary residence).  Waiting could result in the homeowner incurring income tax on the amount of the deficiency, and many markets are seeing deficiencies over $100,000.  Coupled with the difficulty in discharging tax debt through bankruptcy and the collection tools at the IRS’s disposal, waiting to “see what happens with my foreclosure” could result in a nightmare for the homeowner.

Short Sale vs Foreclosure Realtor & Attorney Information and Help

Bradley Kirscher has attached some information from the IRS website, , on the tax ramifications of cancelled debt and the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.

For questions about Short Sale vs Foreclosure contact a short sale vs foreclosure realtor or attorney:

Bradley Kirscher

Kirscher Law Firm, PA

phone: (651) 209-8440

fax: (866) 880-6386

Shakopee Builders

Shakopee Builders

If you are considering building a home, make sure to interview one of the best Shakopee builders in the business. F & B Construction builds custom homes in Minnesota and is one of the best Shakopee Builders around. F & B Construction get their name from owners Fritz and Bonnie Menden, who both currently reside in Shakopee as do many family members.

Shakopee BuildersF & B Construction

F & B Construction and the Mendens really differentiate their  homes and themselves as custom MN Builders and local Shakopee builders, because they take much pride in the product they build. They are not one of many MN builders who throw up 100 homes in a year and cut cost just to make a few extra dollars. They only use materials they would in their own house. This is exemplified by the use of quality building materials like Marvin Integrity Windows, thicker vinyl gauge siding, Hardi Product, quality stone, custom cabinets with dovetailed edges and finished on site flooring. F & B Construction also does not nickel and dime client for every “upgrade”. Many national and Shakopee builders will option out items like a sump pump. The Menden know how important dry basements are so the included sump pumps with every custom MN homes they build. Not only do they include the sump pump they take it even further and drain tile on the inside AND outside of every home they builder. This is to ensure your basement will be dry. Little precautions and attention to detail separates them from the big box builders in to make a quick buck.  F & B Construction has used many of their subcontractors for numerous years. The product you see in the model, is the product you will get every time because the same crews are used. Custom MN builders

 Custom MN Homes

If you are considering building your dream home or designing custom MN homes to get an idea. We would love to sit down a create a vision. When looking at homes so many of my client say they would like to mesh this kitchen with that master bedroom with that family room etc. Choosing a custom MN builder allow you to do that. We can build your dream home starting at around the low $200,000’s with the lot included.


Lot and Land For Sale to Build Your Custom Home:

Shakopee Lots For Sale

Prior Lake Lots For Sale

Savage Lots For Sale

All MN Lots For Sale

Free Santa Photos and Reindeer Sleigh Rides MN

Free Santa Photos and Reindeer Sleigh Rides MN

Santa is coming to Prior Lake December 17th, 2011 from 1:30-3:30pm. Join F & B Construction and Tom Scott of Re/Max Advantage Plus to open their brand new builders model home at 1606 Belmont Ave, Prior Lake They will feature the following:

  • FREE Santa Photos
  • FREE Sleigh Rides with Reindeer (sleigh is on wheels)
  • Kids activities
  • Face Painting
FREE Santa Photos and sleigh rides  Prior Lake MN
FREE Santa Photos and sleigh rides

This will be a great day to enjoy the season.

Please bring a toy to donate to Toys For Tots

Questions contact Tom Scott of Re/Max Advantage Plus 612-384-2178

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New Mayor in Shakopee Election Results

Shakopee has elected a new Mayor, Brad Tabke, with the majority vote. previous Shakopee mayor John Schmitt lost in a tight race that came down close to the end. Brad Tabke will bring new blood into the Shakopee leadership community and I am VERY excited to see what Tabke will get started. The new Shakopee mayor Brad Tabke did talk about hiring more police force and trying to establish the down Shakopee area. I think it would be great to turn the downtown Shakopee area into a “Shops at Arbour Lakes”  like in Maple Grove. Having an outdoor shopping area and combine it with some sort of River boat ride/dining would really increase the traffic in that area. Hopefully now that Tabke is the new Shakopee Mayor we can look at expanding the community center as well which is in dire need of updating. Shakopee is a great area with very afforable homes and a bright future!


Other election results:

City Council

Jay Whiting and Matt Lehman

Shakopee School Board

Reggie Bowerman, Angela Tucker and Matt McKeand


For more information about the Shakopee election Results visit the local Shakopee News Article

Southbridge Shakopee Home For Sale | 6598 Danbury Curve MLS 4100205

6598 Danbury Cuve Shakopee MLS #4100205

Brand new listing coming to the market in the Southbridge Shakopee area. This home was purchase about three years ago for $290,000 and the current tax value is just over $276,000. You may wonder what the price is listed at now, drum roll……$245,000. This is a nice solid Centex built two story in the sought after Southbridge Shakopee area. The home has a wooden fenced yard on a large lot, almost .27 acres. The home currently has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a 2 car garage although the two car garage could potentially have a third stall added.  This Shakopee home for sale faces East with the front door.


Three bedrooms are on the upper level along with two bathrooms. All bedrooms sizes for the Shakopee home for sale are a nice size. The master bedroom has a private bathroom with separate tub and shower and also a walk in closet.


The main level has a nice sized front porch to greet visitors and a formal living room and dining room both which could be flexed for other purposes. There is a family room with a gas burning fireplace, an additional informal dining room and a good sized kitchen with Pantry. The main level has a sliding glass door going to a very large deck. Included on the main level of this Shakopee home for sale is a laundry room and 1/2 bathroom for guests.


The lower level of this completed finished two story is all fun and games. There is an additional bedroom and full bath in the lower level, but most of the basement is wide open for a great recreaation room and game space. The lot is considered a lookout lot so there are egress windows letting in sunlight.

Shakopee Homes

If you are thinking of purchasing Shakopee homes now is a awesome time to purchase. Interest rates are low, Shakopee homes prices have fallen and I think we could potentially see prices increase relatively soon. Why you may ask? Looking at simply at economics Shakopee homes have decreased their inventory in a market that usually has 350 homes for sale there are currently less than 225. Shakopee homes have also been selling quicker and the good one are sold often in less than 30 days. I think there is a demand coming very soon. There are currently less than 50 vacant lots which should get the attention of national and local builders to start developing land soon. Rumors has it the 41+ acres at the County Rd 78 and Marschall Road crossing has sold and 76 lotswill be developed there with single familyShakopee  homes.

Current Shakopee Homes For Sale


Here is a Complete list of all available Shakopee Homes

Before starting to search for Shakopee Homes and contacting a Shakopee Realtor make sure to contact a loan officer to get pre qualified.

Attending first time buyer home classes is a great start. Many buyers are unaware Scott County offers down payment assistance to those who qualify. We are offering classes starting in December for those interested.

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